Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

This product really works

Posted January 07, 2016 by Karie14 from MI

"This is one of the few products that i have used and seen a big difference in my skin. At 45 I lost the elasticity in my skin but after about two weeks my skin had it's bounce back."


Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

Works great!

Posted December 06, 2015 by Laurie from Minnesota

"I have been using this for not quite a month and all of my "skin ailments" are going away. I had red dry patches by my nose and cheek area and it is gone and my skin is so soft. I wish I had tried this years ago and I could have saved so much money. I have bought and tried so many products over the years and this one is working great!"


Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

Great results

Posted September 10, 2015 by Vero from California

"I have used Murad for greater than 10 yrs and has changes mine and my children's life, highly recommend this for sensitive or normal skin."


Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

Brightens skin tone in just days- others will notice!!

Posted June 23, 2015 by arb122 from Austin, TX, USA

"I'm have had acne all my life. I have always had an uneven skin ton and breakouts daily. I also have minor scarring and large pores. After just a few days of using the product- my skin tone evened out and was brightened- so much so, other people noticed! It does NOT break me out and EVERYTHING seems to break my out. I have been using it for over a month and LOVE it! I don't have fine lines (yet) so I can't speak to that- but it really is a great. Even without using other items for breakouts, it's helped to clear them up! Also, I have super oily skin and It doesn't make my face greasy."


Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

Saw results immediately and continues to delight!

Posted May 18, 2015 by maryv from Warwick, RI, USA

"I "fell" upon Murad thru a moisturizer sample, and hope to never look back.I have super dry skin and noticed improvement and relief right away, then added the toner. More improvement. Waiting for my kit to arrive to start with more products and very excited. It is the feeling of so much hydration added back in to the skin, the products improve the look, feel and tone of the skin. So many awesome ingrediants in the products to nurture and promote clean, beautiful skin. The added bonus is the ease of use, no strong scent, just a clean ,hydrated feeling that is so welcome to tired, dry skin. I have deep wrinkles under and around my eyes, hoping the products address and hopefully improve appearance abit. I had small crease wrinkles on my forehead and just from the moisturizer and toner, the area has been softened and is barely noticeable. Very pleased!!!"


Rating:(5.0 out of 5)

Highly Recommended

Posted May 27, 2015 by GAPeach from Georgia, USA

"I have tried many skin care regimens, and this is one of the best. I have been using this set for 17 days, and my skin now has a glow to it and the fine lines under my eyes are less noticeable. I am 42 and do not have many wrinkles yet. I also wear a fairly heavy foundation and I noticed the cleanser does a nice job removing all my makeup. Once I run out of this kit, I will be trying the Environmental Shield kit because I do have lots of hormone-related skin issues. I am curious to compare the two."


Rating:(4.0 out of 5)

So far, so good

Posted January 16, 2015 by Kay62 from Chicago IL

"So far this stuff is great - I'm anxious to see how my skin looks and feels as I continue to use it. The only hiccup is that the bottom of the order form said that this would automatically be reordered after 30 days, and I didn't request that, so I will have to call about it. Dry skin, age 52"