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“I'm shocked that after a week, this is what Resurgence did
for my skin!” – Allison, age 49

“It makes you feel good about yourself. And who doesn’t want to feel
good about themselves at any age?” – Angelique, age 50

“After Resurgence I just feel a lot better about the way I look and am
more confident!” – Evelyn, age 52

“with Resurgence, it was almost instantaneously. The crows' feet, the lines on
my forehead, the sinking; all of these issues seemed to improve greatly after
three to four days of using Resurgence.” – Michele

“Resurgence lived up to its promise…my skin feels fresh and awake and
alive and…I feel happier and a little more carefree!” – Patti, age 50

“After using Resurgence I saw less clogged pores, tighter skin, the lines
were gone…redness was gone.” – Taryn, age 57

“I feel that today my skin looks better than it's br ever looked and it's
thanks to Resurgence” – Wendy, age 62

In a Murad sponsored study, after using Resurgence for 30 days. Individual results will vary.


of women agreen their skin felt more hydrated


of women agreed their skin looked healthier


of women agreed their skin was smoother and softer

What makes Resurgence

The secret is the ALL-NEW Resurgence formula.

But don’t take our word for it...

“There is something in this product that just turns the lights on and WOW, makes my skin just light up!”

– Jamie, age 45

Here's everything you need to look


Renewing Cleansing Cream
Gently exfoliates and restores radiance
Age-Diffusing Serum

Increases firmness
and fights wrinkles
Retinol Youth Renewal Serum
Minimizes lines and deep wrinkles, firms,
evens skin tone, and boosts radiance.
Age-Balancing Night Cream
Hydrates and restores suppleness
Age-Diffusing Firming Mask
Plumps to ease lines and wrinkles.
Renewing Eye Cream
Combats puffiness, crow's feet and dark circles
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With today’s order, you’ll automatically receive a new 90-day supply every
3 months for only $39.95 per month (+$8.95 S&H per shipment).
Cancel any time.

*Redeemable via toll-free Customer Care line. Not cash. Expires in 90 days.

Resurgence. THE celebrity anti-aging secret!

  I’m just head over heels in love with Resurgence. Dr. Murad knows women, and he knows beauty, and he’s really made me feel beautiful.”

  Once I tried the Resurgence line, I realized what everyone was talking about. There was this instant hydration and instant plumping to my skin that has created this glow that I just am in love with.”

“Let me walk you through three simple steps to reveal younger-looking, more beautiful skin.”

- Joan Lunden

Meet the Doctor behind Resurgence


- Holder of 19 patents in the skincare industry

- Founded Murad 25 years ago

- Treated over 50,000 patients

- “One of the nation’s best dermatologists” – Vogue

- Best-selling author

With today’s order, you’ll automatically receive a new 90-day supply every 3 months for only
$39.95 per month (+$8.95 S&H per shipment). Cancel any time by calling customer service.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, just give us a call and return the bottles for a full refund within 60 days of purchase, even if the bottles are empty. The free gifts are yours to keep.

†Redeemable with purchase via toll-free customer care line. No cash value. Expires in 90 days.

*70% off the retail value of the products adjusted for promotional product sizes. Offer also available on Murad.com.

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